In 2006, the National Centre for Contemporary Arts received the right to operate part of the attic of the "Kronprinz" barracks with a total space of 1450 square meters. At the time being the reconstruction and restoration of the attic, financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, is underway. The launch of the exhibition space is planned for the second half of 2020.
The first event that had taken place at the attic before the reconstruction process started was the installation "Decade" on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts on 28 November 2007. The exhibition presented documentation of major projects implemented by the institution in ten years.

The place is so special that even during the reconstruction process, being unfinished, it became a fascinating venue for art projects and site-specific installations:

The attic will become a cutting edge museum venue with a 500 sq.m. exhibition hall, a hall for lectures and film screenings, 2 residencies for artists, professional media studio, a room for workshops with children, offices for the staff and media library.
The architectural project of reconstruction (authors A. Tchebykin and M.Mindlin) implies development of a contemporary exhibition space respecting historical context: unique brickwork will be preserved and the adjacent area will have authentic Königsberg cobble stone paving.
Video-Installation "Decade" (10th Anniversary of BB NCCA)
Audio Installation "Ragnarok" by Asbjorn Blokkum Flo (Norway) in the framework of the Sound Around Kaliningrad 2011 (curator D.Akimov, Kaliningrad, Russia)
Exhibition and symposium Who cares? (curators Y.Bardun and I.Tchesnokova, Kaliningrad, Russia)
Exhibition "Following Lunacharsky" by Topp & Dubio (The Netherlands)
Выставка «Remix: Образы мест со всего мира» (куратор Катрин Беккер)
Exhibition of video art of Witoslaw Czerwonka "Three Dreams" (curator A. Wolodzko, Poland)
Audiovisual installation "Ship" by I. Stanaityte and J. Remeikyte (Lithuania)
Multimedia installation and film screening KUNSTHALLE 1913 — 2013 AUTOHAUS / (N. Wisneth, Germany) and Photography project "Ozerkita" (В. Laponkina, Moscow, Russia)
Exhibition "The Meeting. Stolen Past" (curator L.Kreivyte, Lithuania)

Exhibition "JUXTAPOSED — Topp & Dubio Vs Yuri Lunacharsky"
(curator Y.Bardun Kaliningrad, Russia)
Video installation "That, what we hear, that, what looks at us" (curator V.Patsyukov, Moscow, Russia)
Exhibition "REMAKE: art between information and aesthetic experience" (curator I.Kazakievicius, Lithuania)
Exhibition "Binary Message: between the Code and Autonomy" (curator D.Bulatov, Kaliningrad, Russia)
Video Installation "Pendulum Choir" (Cod.Act, Andre and Michel Decoster, Switzerland)
Exhibition "Splinters of War" (curator I, Gorlova, Moscow, Russia)
Exhibition "Migration card" (curator Y.Bardun, Kaliningrad, Russia)
Exhibition "Space for Diffusion. Cotemporary Arts from Belarus" (curator М.Gulin, Belarus)
Exhibition "Peculiarities of Anarchism of Southwest Estonia" (J. Bergmann, Estonia)
Symposium "Farewell, Arms!" (curators E.Tsvetaeva, Е.Umansky, Kaliningrad, Russia)
Exhibition "Field of Flowers" (2016, curator E.Umansky, Kaliningrad, Russia)
Exhibition "Notes on the begging of the short 20th century" (curator A.Domesle, Switzerland)
Exhibition "Constructed Situations" (curator Z.Shershun, Kaliningrad, Russia)
Exhibition "Yuri Vassiliev. Russian Red Usual" (curator Е.Umansky, Kaliningrad, Russia)
Exhibition "Giving meaning to emptiness" (curator M.Schibli, Sweden)
Exhibition "Claudia Heinermann. Wolfskinder: a Post-War Story" (curator Y.Bardun, Kaliningrad, Russia)