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The Baltic Branch of the National for Contemporary Arts (BB NCCA) was founded in 1997. It's not only unique strategies of artists and curators that have been our main focus of attention. We have been also engaged in exploring Kaliningrad's public spaces with a view of finding new ways of putting the issue of their transformation on the agenda. Since 2003 and 2006, BB NCCA has operated a tower and part of the attic of the "Kronprinz" barracks, a 19th century monument of history and culture, which is to be come a venue for contemporary arts and culture. At the time being reconstruction works, which are to be completed in 2020, are underway. The place is so special that even during the reconstruction process, being unfinished, it became a fascinating venue for art projects, site-specific installations, concerts, performances, festivals, discussions and educational activities. Today we have yet another opportunity to bring life into this site involving active local residents and creatives.

In May 2019, we joined UrbCulturalPlanning — an international project implemented by 14 partners in the framework of the "Interreg. Baltic Sea Region" Program, co-financed by the European Union and the Russian Federation.
Many cities today face unprecedented societal challenges. The needs are growing to tackle social inclusion and sustainable development, but the resources of the public sector are in decline or stagnating and new skills for citizen involvement are required as a response. Over the past two decades cultural planning has been developed as a proven method for citizen-driven urban social innovation. The project adapts worldwide knowledge on cultural planning into the Baltic Sea Region and will be sharing it, working with both UN's Sustainable Development Goals and UNESCO's supported work on the method of Cultural Planning.

The project will benefit challenged communities across the region, increase their quality of life and sense of identity. It will contribute to social inclusion and sustainable development of the communities. To trigger urban social innovations in various neighborhoods of such Baltic cities as Gdansk, Guldborgsund, Kaliningrad, Kiel, Nakskov, Pori, Riga, Vilnius and Visaginas the team of UrbCulturalPlanning suggests to use art & culture practices.

In Kaliningrad UrbCulturalPlanning focuses on the yard of the "Kronprinz" barracks. Using cultural planning methodology, we would like to involve "Kronprinz" tenants and residents of the neighborhood into transformation of the area into a lively public space. The activities in the framework include research & mapping of the site, visioning and design workshops, art residencies, participative arts projects and an urban lab.
We are open to cooperation. It is important for us that the project responds to the needs of Kaliningrad residents, especially of the communities situated in adjacent to "Kronprinz" areas.

Using this website you will be able to get information about "Kronprinz", explore findings of historians, social researches and urbanists, results of the workshops, follow and get involved into UrbCulturalPlanning in Kaliningrad.
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Let's make together "Kronprinz" neighborhood better for living!
The main objective of the project is to advance the Baltic Sea Region's performance in citizen-citizen and citizen-city authorities' cooperation in promoting urban social innovation, inclusion and sustainable development of neighborhoods in cities and in towns in rural areas by increasing the capacity of public authorities as well as local NGOs and associations to collaborate on citizen driven cultural planning.